Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Entry Numero Uno, First, Premiere, What-Have-You

Hi everyone, this is my new everyday blog.  Here within, you'll begin to come across opinions on computer and gaming tech, new ways to do old things (and I promise I'll try to keep it simple), video game opinions and maybe even some of my recipes (for food, not computer builds).  I'll also be posting some business-related stuff here when there are things to advertise.  Rest assured, everything posted will be relevent to me.

For those who are new to me and who I am, my name is Nathan.  You may call me Nate if you like.  I like video games, cooking and reading Science Fiction or Fantasy.  I live with my girlfriend in Northern Ontario.  I like to watch movies but I rarely go to the theatre.  I like music, although my preferences tend to veer toward heavy metal, electronica and classic rock.  There are few genres I actually find intolerable, but I respect the Men's Law Of The Car Radio. 

For those who don't understand this unwritten law, it goes as such:

The owner of the vehicle is the owner of the music playing devices found therein;  The party to which ownership pertains is the sole executor of the content to which will be output from these such devices.  Refusal to adhere to such is a violation and grants said executor universal right to extricate said violating party or parties from the vehicle at any point and for an indefinite period of time.

I think that was convoluted enough, how about you?

I have five game consoles and I have been actively gaming (excluding arcades) since I was 7.  I currently am playing Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires on my XBox 360.  It's an older title for the system, but I enjoy it nonetheless.  I post game reviews on a site called Raptr under the display name "Nate_On_Raptr".  If you're reading this on my Facebook page, you've already seen the updates as I play and review games.  Otherwise, it's worth a look, at least if you're a gamer.  Note that none of the user-generated content is subject to censorship.  Please respect this.

At the moment, I'm currently reading The Da Vinci Code.  For those who are wondering if I've been living under a rock, the answer is "No".  I'm well-versed in my Vatican conspiracy theories, plus I prefer hard sci-fi or epic fantasy.  Not to say I haven't read a Tom Clancy or Stephen King book in my time, but I was busy getting into Alistair Reynolds when the Da Vinci Code came out, plus I was also re-reading A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin in anticipation of the 4th book coming out. 

That said, I've just mentioned the reason behind me reading The Da Vinci Code.  See, A Game of Thrones - the first book of A Song of Ice and Fire - has been adapted to a TV Miniseries format (which is good, an 800 page novel never makes a good 3 hr. movie) that is coming to HBO, and I wanted my girlfriend to read the book before we started watching it.  She would, if I read The Da Vinci Code.  So, I finished reading The Serpent War Saga series by Raymond E. Feist (good series, by the way) as quickly as aI could without missing anything and I'm now 107 pages into the Da Vinci Code.

I'll admit, it's alright.  It's a page turner, but I'm not honestly sure if I like it.  It's exactly as I expected it to be.  I also find Dan Brown's attention to detail a little inane sometimes; who cares if Silas is carrying a Heckler & Koch USP .40, how many people actually know what it is?  How many people care to actually research it?  Do I know what it is?  Yes, I've played enough tactical shooters to know what the entire USP line consisted of.  I even know what USP stands for.  It still doesn't matter.  I'm not even going to go into what I think of his hypotheses, especially since the book isn't even about that; it's pulp fiction about Catholic church and symbology.  There's nothing wrong with that, but man, people need to take things at face value sometimes.  I'm guilty of not doing that, myself, so I get it.

So my girlfriend has told me that she has posted some thoughts on A Game of Thrones.  I'll just say:  Read it.  It's one of the best fantasy novels written in the mid-90's.  And it forgoes a lot of the magical Dungeons and Dragons stuff - and there's nothing wrong with that, either.  But it's a nice break to come across a fantasy book steeped more in politics than spellcasting.  It still has its fair share of knights and lore, but it is definitely a much more conventional - and realistic - world than you'd expect.

That said, I'm out of drivel.  Until next time.

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