Monday, March 21, 2011

Newest Acquisition

As some of you have seen, I kind of have a soft spot for retro gaming.  A bit of a SNES addiction, if you will.

So, this time (and it was another bargoon), I acquired a game called Soul Blazer for $6.  Apparently, it's more rare than I thought.  The Japanese name for it is Soul Blader.

So, what's Soul Blazer?  Soul Blazer is an action RPG by Enix that was released in 1992.  It was developed by their internal studio Quintet (not sure if they still exist), and is part of an unofficial series which includes Illusion of Gaia/Time and Terranigma (an extremely rare SNES game).  All three are action RPG's (Illusion of Gaia less so) played from a top-down perspective.  It is also rumoured that Act Raiser (yay!) and Act Raiser 2 (boo!) are part of this series.


In Soul Blazer, you play a warrior who's sent from the heavens by the command of The Master to rescue the people of the world from the soul-sucking clutches of the villainous Deathtoll (awesome name).  You will do this with numerous swords and spells, as well as various quest items.  You'll acqure these either by releasing souls or finding the items "out in the wild".


At the moment, I'm about half of the way through the game, and I do intend to finish it.  I'm enjoying it very much, but I doubt the game has much in the way of replay value.  At least it'll be about 15 hours long or more.  To be honest, the gameplay is very simple, but the graphics are very good, considering how old the game is (it's almost 20 years old), and the soundtrack is actually pretty good.

I hope to have it finished by Friday, and then after that it will be whichever game youse guys voted for me to review, and then The Guardian Legend by Broderbund after that.  And if I'm feeling generous, maybe another poll.

We'll see.


A Beer for the Shower said...

I never played this, but I loved Act Raiser. I can still come back to that game and enjoy it. Act Raiser 2? Let's... just not speak about that...

Player_1 said...

I wouldn't actually compare this to Act Raiser; whole different level there. I actually finished it Wednesday morning - something I have yet to do with Act Raiser because the end boss is nigh-impossible.

But I have to say, Soul Blazer is an okay game. Nothing super-groundbreaking, but enjoyable nonetheless.