Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yeah. Right. About that.

Right, I just more or less ripped the design of Metal Gear Solid 4 a new one and haven't reviewed Mass Effect yet.

Okay, here's why:  The rippage of MGS4 was a blitzkrieg on crappy story telling (and seemingly unfocused).  This is because I can't give the game a fair review due to my biases against the style of storytelling...and the unnecessary amount of it.  I do not care for soap operas.  No, this is not a disclaimer; I may write an actual review of MGS 4.  You can like it or not.  But I think it's about time I lay my biases bare, because I will call out stupid components/mechanics of games when I see them.

And, just so you all know, I was finally able to grab a PS2 with FF X and XII.  Not expecting to necessarily enjoy X a lot, but XII looks extremely promising (and is the first FF I've been looking forward to since VII...and that was quite a disappointment to me).  I alos got Hunter The Reckoning: Wayward, so the trilogy is now complete.  Plus a few other goodies, including NOLF.  Don't know how the gameplay will turn out, but the dialogue's right out of Black Adder and Fawlty Towers, so at least the humour looks promising.

Being that I'm finding a little more time to do things in, I will hopefully have the ME review up in the coming weeks.  Need to beat the game again...I've kind of forgotten most of it other than that the series rips off Alistair Reynolds' Revelation Space series (although the two sidestories have so far been better than the main trilogy).

Anyway, keep safe and see you all soon.

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