Monday, April 2, 2012

What's New

Hey guys, it's been awhile.  yeah, I know, the Mass Effect review isn't posted yet.  But just so you know, I'm almost done the gameplay part of it, which is the first of the two more difficult parts.  But then again, you guys know that I don't pull any punches.

Speaking of not pulling any punches, I'm about 16 hours into Final Fantasy X, and frankly...I don't like it very much.  Ever since Final Fantasy 6, the games have been so restrictive, and not having a world map to save on whenever you like - thus forcing oyu to rely on save checkpoints - is very frustrating when you have things to do.  As far as I can tell, it does eventually become less linear, however...I personally dislike the direction the game has taken.  The sphere grid, however, is a pretty slick character development tool, so at least there's one thing about the game that I like.  I also dislike most of the characters, especially Tidus and Rikku.

I also finished Splinter Cell: Conviction and Rage.  I'm on the fence regarding SC:C;  the stealth mechanics are there, but the title's far more of a shooter than anything else.  Oh, if only there was another Hitman game out before this one, maybe it would have attempted to compete.  Rage is absolutely gorgeous, but it starts to wear down in the latter half of the game and the ending blows.  The minigames, however, are quite enjoyable, especially the card game that's a new spin on War.

Further, I finally got the chance to play and finish Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Bayonetta.  I have to say, these two are must-plays.  Bayonetta to simply just experience it, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution to...well, live it.  Absolutely amazing game.

That said, beyond the ME review, my workload now consists of Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3 (have played and beaten 2 and 4) and earning a few more achievements in Dynasty Warriors 7 and Skyrim.

So, play safe, have fun and keep hoping because that ME review will eventually get finished!

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