Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Announcement: Censorship

Hey guys,

I've seen a few people posting comments and having links to obscene material.  From this point forth, this is not going to be tolerated.

If there are any links to pornography in any comments, whether it be the body or the username, it will be deleted.

I have no problem if your personal website is a business, but if it's not family-friendly (or at least within reason), it's not welcome.

That said, I will be actively censoring comments from this point forward.


Dawson (Clawson) said...


Player_1 said...

No kidding, I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this, especially since one of the offenders put up a potentially valuable comment.

As a compromise, I'll preserve any valuable contents by copying the contents of the post, deleting it and then re-posting the content without any links. That I CAN do. I'm not about censoring ideas, just porn and obscenity because I actually go out of my way to keep my content "PG-13".

Besides, Dawson, you pre-moderate - which I have nothing against. It's something I chose to avoid because if someone wants to make themselves look like a fool....well, that's where "the internet is written in ink" comes into play.

If you can suggest a better way for me to deal with this without going down the route of pre-moderating posts, I'm all ears.

GirlyGamer said...

Fair enough, I
understand how it
can be hard to
keep a site going.

You must always watch
out for the trolls, its

Dawson (Clawson) said...

Oh, no worries dude. I was being sarcastic. Probably should have thrown some *ACTION ASTERISKS* in there. I'm actually a wee bit jealous that you have to worry about that kind of attention at all. In regard to the pre-moderation, I set it that way so I can be notified when I have been blessed with text-based interaction. I do love attention of any kind.

I say protect your space in any way you see fit. The right to free speech over here is often abused by people who don't understand why they were granted that right in the first place. It's often mostly thought to protect ill-educated ass hats and offensive religious or philisophical groups when they shovel their crap on other people. Although, I wish they would let us use the 7 words more frequently. There are so many other ways to demean or offend people in speech without them.

Speaking of PG13, I just got a part-time job at Gamestop. It'll be the first time I've stood behind a retail counter since 2004. Part of me is really intimidated by getting plugged back into the industry. I'll have to watch my mouth when I go off on a tirade about the good ol' days of gaming...when games were about games and not franchises. You should probably be there just in case. ;)

Player_1 said...

Congrats about landing the job, regardless of who with. You don't want me with you, though...I'm probably worse than you, and I'd just enable the bad behaviour :p

I'm also not afraid to stir up controversy, so there's a possibility that I could start a riot if I ever got into a debate on the Final Fantasy series. But you're right, the franchise mania is killing creativity. Just look at what's being done to Elder Scrolls 5, oy. It should be in Skyrim because that's where all humans are descended from, the Nords, but the game is being so oversimplified that's painful to hear about it.

Anyway, I knew you were being sarcastic :p Clearly I missed the mark on what you were being sarcastic about :P

Either way, I think you have a right to groan as a reader, so I'm not putting you down at all...even though you weren't ;)

As a head's up you wanted to be alerted, you could have just set up e-mail alerts, but frankly, I think you should keep your moderation the way it is. It helps you keep everything a) classy and b) on-topic.

Me, I'm just going to use brute force. If it goes off-topic for too long, I'll give a warning and then lock the discussion. You can actually do that, so at least I don't have to delete posts until everyone gets the message.

Slapstick said...

You seem to be doing a good job
on protecting your site from the
unscrupulous internet riff raff

So many times bloggers dont censor
until its too late, and the site
can just become messy and hard to
keep up with.

Aside from a few reviews I don't
see as being accurate, I am glad
someone is showing love for gaming.

LadiesMan4567 said...

Hey Guy, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to moderate your blog page. Good thing we still have people like you in this world that care about censorship. Can you do a review on Star Wars Battlegrounds please. Im dying to read your opinions and thoughts on this game. Cheers
From England.

Player_1 said...

Well, it's still a little rough. As I said earlier (unless the psoting got buggered), I lost a post I WANTED to keep.

By the way, it's clear you're new, I'm Nate, and yes it's okay if you guys address me as such.

I actually link to my e-mail address if there are any inaccuracies that you guys find. Clearly, I actually do take it seriously, especially when it does come to my reviews, because I haven't written very many for games that I didn't finish.

Feel free to post about any reviews you disagree with. Whenever I review a gme, it has a page that you comment on.

As for your review request....Unfortunately, my computer can't run Battlegrounds. But, if I can finally get a new computer this year, I'll look into tracking it down.

Player_1 said...

I stand corrected on Battlegrounds. I clearly had it confused with that MMO...Galaxies, I think it was. I swear they'd come out at the same time. Apparently, all I need is a 233 MMX to run it. Apparently. I can't make any promises, but I might give it a gander.

JarJarBinx said...

i was searching for Star Wars games and came across this thread. I would like to try star wars batlegrounds but I don know what a MMX is. is that like roman numrals for 2010?

can you give me some info???!!

Player_1 said...

MMX is an acronymn. It stands for Multimedia Extensions. It's been part of Intel's processors since the late 1990's, if I remember right.

AMD also has their own version of it. In short, nothing you actually need to worry about unless you have pre-Pentium II computers; not all Pentiumm 1's (or just Pentiums) have MMX, just the later processors of that generation. There's also an in-between Pentiumcalled a Pentium Pro. They go up to 200 MHz, but they process more efficiently. Can't remember if they support MMX or not.

Either way, I was actually wrong about the processor, it's a Pentium II 233 or AMD equivalent. Regardless, if you have a Pentium III or better, you should be fine unless your operating system doesn't like it.

Although, if it's too fast and the game isn't optimised for higher-end processors, you may have to download a program to throttle your processor. Just thought about that, considering my travails with many older games.

JarJarBinx said...

I have an intel core i7 990X my dad bought me, i wanted a Mac Book Pro or iPad but hes a jerk.. So I guess its not fast enough to run it. im going to ask him to get me a iPad.. that should be fast enough right?

Player_1 said...

JarJar:: Buy it and try it. It's 10 years old, so it should be cheap.

ForeverAlone: I'll take that under advisement. Something you should take under advisement: I follow links up, which is why you've been moderated.

Guys and gals, please don't post links to anything that might hijack a browser. Thanks.

LadiesMan4567 said...
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Player_1 said...
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