Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Acquisitions And Still Slogging Away At Dynasty Warriors 8

Hey guys, how are you this unseasonably cool evening?

So, believe it or not, yesterday afternoon was the first time that I played Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Both solid games, as many who came before me already know, and probably feel the same way about the sequels that I haven't played, either.

K. and I headed down to Alliston to see what was what.  We went into a neat little bookstore where the owner kept her pet dog with her.  I think it was the first chihuahua I didn't want to kick.  Actually, a really sweet, not-yappy chihuahua; strange, I know.

Anyway, so, we hit the local Hock Shop (which is actually the company's name) to see the bargoons on games.  I picked up Arkham Asylum, Uncharted and Lego Rock Band, all with manuals for $10 plus taxes, and I grabbed Demolition Man for the SNES for $5.00.

It's one of my favourite movies, and for $5.00, I thought, sure, why the hell not.  It's not an easy game to find, either.  Well, I'm not going to lie, there are far better movie-based action games from that era.  True Lies, for instance, kicks the crap out of it.  So, I'm glad $5.00 is all I paid for it.

So, on to my progress with Dynasty Warriors 8, which, as you can tell by now, is a massive game.  I finally finished the entire Wei campaign in Dynasty Warriors 8; I'm now working on unlocking the alternate history campaigns, which is actually a good bit of work.

To do this, you have to complete the special objectives in the main history chapters.  These will sometimes unlock new side-chapters or "save" characters from their pseudo-historical fates for use later on, which also alters the historical campaigns as well.  They'll also open up side-missions.  Once everything has been unlocked, you'll be able to change the campaign flow at the designated chapter because you'll get two options as to whose battle plan you're going to follow.

It certainly makes things pretty interesting, to say the least.

I also have the Ambition mode nearly finished, but I'm going to start playing with weapon fusions soon.  Plus, Ambition mode is so damned addictive, probably because each mission is generally a short loot-fest.  In, out, done, and then you get more rewards back at camp.  It's very fun, and the higher the difficulty, the better.

I have to admit, I really like what Koei did with the A.I.; it hasn't been this aggressive since Dynasty Warriors 5.  It sucks that only the west got the tweak.  I can assure you, Koei, hardcore gamers want more than an interactive storybook.

I've also been playing a good bit of Defiance, and I have to admit...I'm getting kind of bored with it.  Progress, admittedly, isn't stagnating, but I'm barred from buying totally 1337 gear because my "reputation" stat isn't high enough. 

WTF is it, and how do I raise it?  Yeah, yeah, look to teh interwebz, I know. 

But it would have been nice if the manual the game came with outlined this instead of it showing me the controller buttons and then several blank pages for writing notes.  I mean, I'm not keen on buying it - which is clearly what Trion really had in mind (Bits, the game's currency, which you buy with real money to fast-track progress).

I also started playing a bit more of Starsiege.  So far, I'm on the fence.  The game definitely does not suck, even though it hasn't necessarily aged well.  I like that it's a bit more arcady than Mechwarrior, but you still have to grasp a thing or two about trajectory, and you need to understand the relationship to the energy needs of your equipment versus what the reactor in your HERC (The mechs in Earth- and Starsiege) can do.  At any rate, I'm at the 3rd mission, and I'm not hating it.

Now, K.'s asleep, which means it's prime-time for gaming.  So, keep your paddles in hand and have fun!

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