Friday, July 26, 2013

The Heat Beat Me

Actually, it beat my PS3.  Yes, my PS3 is in the shop because of the wonderful YLOD (Yellow Light of Death).  I'm hoping it can be fixed so I don't lose my data. 

Now, beforeit went into the shop, I went under the hood to put new thermal paste on the heatsink.  And boy was I in for a surprise.  This is why there's an "if" over the head of my PS3.

You see, I bought my PS3 used.  However, I was not aware that it was actually refurbished.  I actually don't have a problem with refurbished, because it generally means that problems existed and were fixed.  Cool. 

What I have problem with is finding out what I bought was refurbished after the fact and before I need repairs, because suddenly I get an-in-your face version of: "Your device has repair history!  SURPRISE!!!"

Being that this is not my political blog, I'll refrain from colourful language, but I can assure you, I'm bloody tempted.

Am I saying "buyer beware"?  Not necessarily.  What I am saying for sure is, "Buyer ask questions!", because you never know when your game system has far too much Arctic Silver schmeered all over a heat sink.

Anyway, the good news is, bring your PS3 into someone who repairs them costs less than half of Sony's "knee-pad special".  Yes, you get a refurb, but you also lose all of your save data.  Yes, I could always back it up, but seriously?  That's a royal pain in the tuches.  I'd rather just migrate my drive.

I suppose with an XBox, MS may as well do that - they don't, at least not the last time I had to send my unit in.  But I did have to redownload ALL of my DLC.  Rock Band is not forgiving in that respect.

That said, maybe your license should be based on your online account?  I mean, you have to have one to use all of the features of these systems, why not base drive encryption, for instance on something that would allow you to transfer your data to another system. 

After all, the sensitive data is kept online.  Although I suppose with Sony and recently Microsoft (again!), that may not be such a good thing?

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