Friday, August 5, 2011

Big Update - Aug. 5th, 2011

Hey everyone, as the title suggest, this update is frickin' huge.

First things first:  the Beyond Good & Evil review is finally up.  It has been finished since the beginning of the month, but because of a major glitch that erased most of the reviews, I had to painstakingly restore the page review by review.  Now I really wish I had a newer computer.

Anyway, as the sign of the incompetent man-whore, Baldrick, says, GET IT HERE

Also, I didn't have time to brag about this, but I met Carrie Fisher (aka Princess frickin' Leia for the people who know Star Wars but not the real people that play the fictional characters) when I went to see her show "Wishful Drinking".  If you haven't seen it on HBO, TMN, whatever, you have to.  It's very, very funny.  Better yet, see it live and get front-row seating; she interacts with the audience, it's very cool and much better than the HBO representation.

There's a book, too.  To be honest, I haven't read any of Ms. Fisher's books, but at least one - Postcards From The Edge - has been made into a movie. 

So, what does this have to do with gaming?'s autograph #2.  And not on Lego Star Wars, but one of my favourite Star Wars games - and games in general - on the XBox, Star Wars: Battlefront II.  And she personalised it :D  I was also hoping to get my Star Wars Trilogy and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back autographed, but to no avail.  Meh.  Well...not really "meh", it would have been cool, but she has better things to do than sign a million and a half things that everyone hands her.

So, here's the personalised autograph:

It's a crappy pic I know, so I'll tell ya what it says:  "For Nate.  Carrie Fisher". 

Next up, new review poll.  The title has changed, it's going to be based on the voting and writing time periods.  But the product is still the same, so there.

So, the List is almost done, then after that, a new editorial about game length and then if nothing else, the Metal Gear NES review.

So, until the next posting, take care, play some games and don't play in the street.  Unless you're playing street hockey.  If so, watch our for the braindead ex; the last thing the world needs is another dented up classic car.

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