Tuesday, April 5, 2011


For any of you who have read the comments on the previous post, I mentioned that I'm having trouble reviewing Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

The reason for this is because I chose to test it out on the XBox 360 first to see how well it was emulated (being that Morrowind and both Halo titles are an absolute wash).  Because of a glitch in the game engine, I'm stuck on a puzzle indefinitely about half to two thirds of the way through the game.

I'm going to test this out again tonight by starting with a cache wipe and reinstalling the emulator.  If it still fails, I'll be moving over to the XBox and counting the emulation as a wash.  This will not affect the score as I know for a fact that the game is playable beyond this point.  On my first playthrough about 5 years ago, I got about 90% of the way through the game.  You'll find out why I stopped when you read the review.

If the emulation is found to be faulty, I'll be taking a break from the game until next week because I'm itching to play something that isn't a first-person shooter.


Dawson (Clawson) said...

It's a shame you have to go the Emu route when MS could have just included the technology. Especially since they have solved all the glitches....I would buy a brand new 360 if I could play the entire library of XB games. Next Gen = Customers are crap.

Player_1 said...

It was MS that went the route of emulation; you have download an emulator from MS to play the game.

At any rate, backwards compatibility is overrated if you're a collector (which I am). There ain't nothin' like playin' it on the real thing. Although I have warmed up to it on account of the games that are properly emulated on the 360 pay real nice. And the 360 controller is better than the S controller.

But I also understand why wou would only want one console. It's 20 lbs. of plastic, metal and silicon between those two boxes, and they're as big as a goddamn VCR. Each of them.

Anyway, if you are concerned about certain titles, ask and ye shall receive. Maybe all the ones you want to play are emulated already?

Anyway, I'll post back after I test Call of Cthulu with a cleared cache and reinstalled emulator.

Dawson (Clawson) said...

Yeah, the collector in me has just thrown up his hands to fate and accepted that he can't have a storage vault of classic games lying around.

I went the ROM route with the 16 and 8-bit games, but have managed to hang on to my relevant PS1, PS2, GC, and XB games. So far, the XB games that I kept (Deus Ex 2 and Chronicles of Riddick) don't work, which is an ass-pain. However, one day I'll get another XB and that'll solve that.

I got really adjusted to backwards compatibility with the Sega CD and PS2. Nintendo did a great job with compatibility with the Wii, too. I don't like having to use a system selector.