Saturday, April 2, 2011

Review Template Ready To Rock and Roll

Okay, so I'll be starting Call of Cthulu a little sooner than anticipated.  I made my review template today; it only took about 10 minutes.  No joke.

That said, I've also been mulling over how I'll be dealing with tie-breakers if any of the future review polls end in a tie.

So far, I've come up with this solution:  Dice roll or coin toss, depending on how many or few.  To help with this, I've got a dice set for Dungeons and Dragons that should help things along.

I mean, its either that or I do a short poll to follow up.  What do you guys think?


Dawson (Clawson) said...

Roll a percentage just like a saving throw.

I'm anxious to read a current review of CoC. I've been wanting to get it and an old xbox just to play it but those style games are very hit and miss, especially if you include the majesty and intrigue of HPL. Hope it doesn't suck and enjoy running from Shoggoths.

Player_1 said...

Yeah, I figure I'l just roll my D8 for 8 to 7, regular 6-sided die for 6 to 5, D4 for 4 to 3 and toss a coin if it's just between two.

I was originally going to do the review using the emulator on the 360. However, that isn't possible as the emulator breaks the game. So, after 8 hours...back to the original XBox...