Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Acquisitions Apr 26th, 2011

New acquisitions

Title: Snake's Revenge

System: NES

About: Snake's Revenge is a top-down stealth game that is a non-canonical sequel to Metal Gear on the NES. It was released in 1990, and unlike the other Metal Gear games, Hideo Kojima has nothing to do with it. In fact, Kojima has stated that he thinks that it is a “little crap game”. Regardless, it's a solid title that's worth a look. Like the original NES title, your job is to infiltrate, assassinate and destroy by locating all of the weapons and equipment that you will need to complete the mission. This includes tools, keycards and healing items.

I've beaten this one before – it's definitely one of the more lengthy action titles on the system. Unfortunately, that means passwords.



Title: Blaster Master

System: NES

About: Blaster Master is a cross-genre title that has you piloting a tank and/or fighting on foot. You can enter or exit the tank at will with a press of the Select button (which you will have to do to progress). The tank is upgradable as well. I've only found one upgrade so far. For some reason, I find the game similar to Rygar even though they are conceptually different. Maybe it's the combination of side-scrolling and top-down sections. Either way, I can't believe I never played this one when I was younger.

Yes, I was the first time I ever played this very awesome game.

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