Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And this is why I don't let others speak for me:

I was trolling the Dynasty Warriors 8 forums because I heard that there were a few issues with the 360 version (seriously, Koei?  First the install option is hidden away in the game menus on the PS3 and now the 360 version has framerate problems?), and I came across this post from a genius by the name of charlesgibson88:

I always liked in the old DW games how the game felt more real, even though it was a little outlandish. But now everything just feels ridiculous and fake; I just roll my eyes every time when they have Zhang Jiao floating in videos with magic like it is real, or when Zhao Yun flings himself 600 feet in the air in a cut scene. I think they should reboot the series in a grittier and realistic series that focuses on the individual stories of characters. Like what happened to individualized Musou modes and people having unique weapons. I feel like I speak for everyone when I say it feels lousy when you can use Xu Zhu with a sword. A giant mace. That is his weapon. Stop trying to make everything "awesome." I think that Koei needs to take away the magical looking boosty stuff and make it feel real. I don't want my character to glow with power when I get speed up for exactly 30 seconds, and I certainly don't want to shoot electricity everywhere at the end of my combo. I want to pick up a power up and not know how long it will last and how powerfully it will affect me like a real herbal remedy. I want to not know how many hits will kill me. I want to feel like I could get fatally wounded at any moment. I mean all of this can only be taken so far: we still need meat buns to get health, but it should still feel like I am on a battle field in ancient China. I want to pull arrows out of my arm and have to bandage my leaking wounds before I bleed out. I want my character to get focused with rage in scenarios and get exhausted when they are about to die. I also think that you should be able to hold a trigger and enter a focused fighting mode where you can mix up your combos, where you can create more varied combos by making 6 or 7 buttons available to attack. That way you can feel skilled with individual characters and it feels fresh when you are playing with them. Maybe have events where you train the characters skill sets. What do you all think?

Yeah, I know, wall of illegible text due to poor white-spacing.  Basically, the guy is pissed with the game not being gritty and realistic enough, and then has the chutzpah to say that he speaks for the fanbase.

A little advice to you who frequent forums:  One, that's either blatant trolling, or blatant stupidity - or both. 

Yes, charlesgibson88 on Gamespot, I'm calling you out as a fool.  Actually, an example of one.  You're a sort of "this is what to avoid" lesson for people who actually want to discuss games in general.

Gamers do not like being told that you represent them when you neither ask nor are asked to do so, especially when you do not represent the fan base very well.

So, to avoid the social faux-pas of being an ass after playing a game, find out why the fans like it before you claim you represent them.

It's like saying you represent Nintendo fans but then say Mario should be rail-skinny, have a goatee, wear leathers and dual-wield .50 handguns.

Pretty friggin' ridiculous.

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