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Currently Playing: Winback: Covert Operations


System: Nintendo 64


I first played Winback back in...I dunno, maybe 2001, 2002? I thought it was pretty cool for its time with its cover system and combat. It was also pretty innovative for it's time, and it's clearly influenced the gunplay in many tactical third-person shooters from Kill.Switch to Gears of War to Mass Effect.

What is in my other game systems:

Old Windows PC (P3 1Ghz): Diablo

I've already gone over this guy. Originally thought to be the next review, but due to a tie and a coin toss, that changed to Winback. I'm currently on level 5 using the Warrior class.

DOS PC: The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

I haven't played much of Daggerfall since the last iteration of the article. I'm going to build a new character because I tend to go with pure combat, and frankly, that's a pretty boring way to play this game.

XBox 360: Mass Effect

Mass Effect is BioWare's latest sci-fi series. It's a combination of a third-person squad-based shooter and a Role-Playing Game. It takes place in a universe where humans have discovered how to travel to other worlds, and how that has introduced them to alien species and the events following this. You take control of Commander Shepard, a human soldier who finds himself sucked into intergalactic intrigue on a mission that will not only jeopardise the fate of humanity, but all sapient life in the galaxy.

While many of the story concepts are ripped off from the Star Trek, Star Wars and Revelation Space universes, the story is told very well through the characters that inhabit it.

Unfortunately, Mass Effect and it's sequel (and just about every RPG developed by BioWare now) is subject to planned DLC being released “along-side” the game instead of actually being put in it, which is why I no longer buy their games new. The next and final game in the series, Mass Effect 3 is said to be scheduled for release sometime next year.

XBox: Serious Sam 2

Serious Sam 2 was developed by Croteam for the PC and Xbox. It's a first-person shooter that sort falls into a similar gameplay vein as Smash TV or Total Carnage in that you fight off waves of opponents in what might be perceived as open arena after open arena.

Unlike the first Serious Sam game (which was split into two parts, The First Encounter and The Second Encounter), Serious Sam includes not only several powerful weapons, but new vehicles, too. While The First Encounter garnered much critical praise, Serious Sam 2 did not. In fact, my own initial reaction was pretty hostile, and I wrote an equally hostile review to reflect that. After a second play-through, though, I developed a new appreciation for it, and I actually like it very much. But it still doesn't compare to the original.

SNES: Ys 3: Wanderers from Ys

I haven't actually even touched this one. I'm still in the first dungeon, and I'm probably no further along than level 2 or 3.

What can I say, I've had more compelling titles to attend to. Furthermore, I've actually been testing some stuff on my 360, and I've learned that the Megaman Anniversary Collection for the XBox is supported.

NES: The Guardian Legend

Like Ys 3, I really haven't gotten anywhere with this guy, although I'm much further along in it. I think I'm on the 8th or 9th boss fight. I've kind of lost track there, but I have my password saves! Hopefully I can get back to this one soon as I actually like it quite a bit.

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