Sunday, May 1, 2011

Review Poll Results

Hey guys, I hope you've been having a great weekend!  The review poll closed last night, and I had to resort to a coin toss between Diablo and Winback: Covert Operations.  The result is...Winback is the winner.

Winback: Covert Operations was originally released for the Nintendo 64 by Koei, and would later be re-released for the PS2.  The review will be based on the N64 version.  It's a stealth-action game that's somewhat similar to Metal Gear Solid in that it's a 3D stealth-action game.  The similarities pretty much end there.  However, it was as close to a 3rd-person stealth game as one would get on the N64 other than Mission Impossible.  There is also a sequel, subtitled Project Poseidon for the PS2 and XBox.  Both titles are published by Koei the first was designed by Omega Force, the team behind the (in)famous Warriors franchise as well as Crimson Sea.  The other was designed by Cavia, Inc. who has developed titles based off of many anime series such as Naruto, Dragonball Z and even Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex. 

Omega Force is still developing Warriors games, the latest being Dynasty Warriors 7 with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 under way.

Cavia went under in 2010 after finishing the development of the critically panned Nier which they developed for publisher Sqaure Enix.  They were absorbed into AQ.

Winback was fairly well received for both the N64 and PS2 versions by most major reviewers.  The sequel was not.

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