Sunday, May 22, 2011

Update #2, May 22nd, 2011

Hi everyone,

Some interesting news about the Wii.  Or, I should say, about hardware that doesn't concern the Wii on first glance.

Kris wanted the Wii because a Glee sing-along game (Glee Karaoke Revolution) was released for it - and only for the Wii.  Unfortunately, this game requires a USB Microphone, and we didn't have one that was guaranteed to work for the Wii.

After some research, I found out that you can use Guitar Hero and Rock Band USB mics for any system release of either series - but only the wired USB ones.  Which we had, because we have all of the Guitar Hero instruments for my 360.

What does this mean for you?  Well, if you have a hankering for a "Singing Badly" style of game for your Wii, and have an XBox 360 USB mic lying's almost guaranteed to work.  The only exception would be if it has its own buttons, then you're screwed.  So think positive!

My next project is going to be getting Kris off the Wii so I can finish my review.

Also, Kris is going to start writing reviews for us soon.  She'll be handling all of the shovelw-...I mean casual games.  Don't expect anything immediately, though; I need to train her in the art of writing a game review.  She's read a few of my reviews, so now it's time to do a world tour and show her IGN, Gamespot, Gamepro, Gamespy, 1Up and The Real Life Gamer to give her a feel for unique review styles.  And what not to do. 

She knows what I expect of her, so expect to see some quality reviews.  She'll be writing under the pseudonymn "Player_2" (heh, not obvious at all), and she'll be posting the odd update as well, and maybe even articles.  Fingers crossed.

And one final note, I'm having trouble with the anchors on the Thrown Controllers Reviews page with non-IE browsers.  If you're having any troubles, please let me know by PM, e-mail, snail-mail,or bitchy customer service call.  This is of supreme importance to me as an administrator and to you as the viewer.  As that page fills up with reviews, it'll become a mess to navigate if the anchors are broken for some of you out there.

Enjoy your evening, all.  And remember, that microphone is for singin', not swingin', throwin', or pitchin'.

P.S. I'm not going to relegate Kris to "casual" games.  If there's something she wants to play and review, she's welcome to do it, provided I haven't done it already.  And she wins the coin toss :P


A Beer for the Shower said...

Great tip about the USB hardware... but doesn't it feel so wrong using a Microsoft product on a Nintendo system?

RichardStroker said...

Finally, the answer to the question I have been searching for for weeks. Does the microphone also work on the PS3?

Keep up the good work.

R. Stroker

Player_1 said...

Sorry for the late reply, I had to move my media centre, so I did not have time to get to respond as quickly as usual.

It does, actually, yes. As long as there aren't any buttons on the mic, it's good; you can use a USB mic (and ONLY USB, no wireless) on the PC, Wii, PS3 or 360.

That said, the only kind of PC mic you'd probably want to use is a headset mic.