Monday, May 2, 2011

Thrown Controllers Undergoing A Few Changes

May 2nd, 2011
By: Nate

Hi everyone, the Thrown Controllers blog page is going to be undergoing a few changes this month.  First is that I will be launching my business of the same name within a few weeks.  Second, the page will become less personal.  I've removed my favourite games list because it's pretensious and it's also a waste of space.  I've also removed the part about the owner of the page (me, obviously).  You can view it on my profile, so it's also a redundant waste of space.

In their place, I've posted information about what Thrown Controllers is; who we are and what we would like to be to you.  I've also posted a section of links dedicated to local small businesses.  I believe that local small business is a very important part of the community backbone, not only because it's what community's are often built on, but because they help define a community's culture and "local colour", if you will. The first link in there is a business called All That Jazz, located in Cookstown, Ontario.  All That Jazz is a really unique business; part stereo store, part music store and all Audiophile community, it's a really neat place to check out.  These kinds of stores are very few and far between, and you usually have to go to a major city to find one, so I strongly recommend you check it out.

And finally, the post format is being changed again.  At the least, all posts will be headed with an author name, unless it's an article.  All author names will have an e-mail link in case you have personal questions or comments about the ideas expressed therein - you can post them here, but if they're unhinged in any way, they will be moderated.  However, we at Thrown Controllers believe in freedom of speech and would like to know if you were offended in some reasonable way and how we can fix it.

On that note, please drop us an e-mail if you have any in-depth questions or comments and we (at the moment, I) will get back to you promptly.

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