Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update June 1st, 2011

Hey guys,

For all those waiting with bated breath, the winner of the review poll is Doom.  There was a 3-way tie, and my D4 came to the rescue to help me break it.  Good thing, I had a bugger of a time tracking down my dice. 

Time to clean the office again.

If you scroll down, you will also find the latest editorial, Video Games as Art.  Sorry it took so long, I was trying not to come off as a pompous git.  Oops, too late for that!

So, what's next month's poll going to include?  You'll just have to find out.  And vote.  That always helps.

Until next time, and don't drop your controller on the tile.  The tile will win.


BoardForLife said...

Do you only review video games? I was hoping you could review the original Battle Ship game for me.

or maybe Mystery Date

Player_1 said...

If there's a video game version? Perhaps ;)

You'll all just have to wait and see.